Farms to Friends helps strengthen food security for over 240+ people across the region including, children, families, seniors, and single-parent households. Although we had to pause the program last year due to funding cuts, we are excited to announce that we are ready to #BringbackFarmstoFriends to provide households in need with fresh, locally-grown produce and continue investing in local farmers and food producers.

Your donation of $77 each month will support one family in-need. Please help #BringbackFarmstoFriends. We are close to our fundraising goal for 2023 to:

  • provide fresh locally-grown bags of food bi-weekly to those who need it most
  • provide children in the program with nutritious, healthy foods to lay the foundation for cognitive development
  • provide households in need with a small sense of relief to have their basic food needs met

Can you help get us there? With your support, we can provide healthy food and strengthen food security across the region. Please make a donation today to #BringbackFarmstoFriends.

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