You can fundraise for EcoSociety this holiday season

For a people-powered movement to be successful, we need to reach everyone. If we all work together, we can set an example for communities around the world to demonstrate what is achievable. By starting your own fundraising page and event, you have the ability to connect a whole new group of people and inspire them to be involved in what we do here at the EcoSociety. We need your help and innovation to take the EcoSociety further than we ever thought possible.

Its easy:

  1. Create your fundraising page with photos and your story.
  2. State the Double Ys:
    Why EcoSociety’s work is important to you.
    Why your friends and family should donate to EcoSociety- whether you are asking for a donation instead of a gift this year, or wanting others to start 2020 in the right way by making a difference in their community.
  3. Share your fundraising page through social media, email & in person when your granny asks ‘what do you want for Christmas?’.

When you submit the form, we will be in touch to chat about the idea you have and how we can help. If you need banners, digital icons and promotion, we can provide this.

Lets get fundraising!

Need help with fundraising ideas? Get in touch:

Here are a few festive ideas to get you started:

  • Homemade christmas card sale
  • Bake sale
  • Christmas Carolling