Affordable and Electric

We can live and work in comfortable buildings powered by energy that's clean and safe.

Our homes and buildings are the cornerstones of our communities.

But imagine if these structures could be more affordable, environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient, and safer spaces to live in. 

The truth is we can make this happen now. How? The Zero Carbon Step Code is the common sense approach to constructing new buildings.

A Zero Carbon Step Code, means NEW homes will have to be energy-efficient and keep your loved ones safe without breaking the bank.

So many cities are already doing it, like Nanaimo, Burnaby, and New Westminster. But developers and gas companies and their wealthy CEOs are lobbying hard for unregulated energy in new buildings.

Let’s urge our city councils to mandate these essential changes from developers, securing a better future for our communities.

You can make a difference by asking your city council to adopt the zero carbon step code for all new buildings, with no gas hook ups. This way all the developers will have to be accountable and build comfortable, affordable, electric buildings.

I Want Affordable Electric New Buildings

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We need YOUR help!

Today, we pollute outside and inside air to heat and cool our homes. This might be the only option in some places, but for most communities in B.C., we think there is a better way.

As better technologies come onto the market, we can require their use in all new buildings and construction, making all new buildings as emission and energy-efficient as possible while saving us energy and money.

The Zero Carbon Step Code is the tool that will get us there but if the government doesn’t hear from people like you and me about why we want it, there’s no guarantee it will happen.

Learn how to talk with your neighbours to make our communities cleaner and safer, to make a lasting impact, and make friends with like-minded individuals!

You don’t need to be an expert—everyone’s welcome!

Sign up for a training session on how to have powerful conversations with our neighbours, and for the second half, we’ll hop on the phones to talk to folks in a community we are working in who needs our help to go electric!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to

Why Methane is Harmful and Unnecessary in British Columbia

“Natural gas,” also known as methane, has an impact on our environment and our health. While it is considered a “cleaner” fossil fuel compared to coal and oil, methane is a potent greenhouse gas that poses significant risks.

In a province like British Columbia, a place with abundant hydroelectric power, continuing to rely on methane is unnecessary and works against to our goals to address climate change.

Methane in B.C. just doesn’t make sense. Here are some reasons why:

Health Concerns

Using methane is not the safest way we can cook for our families or heat our homes. Studies have linked methane exposure to increased risks of respiratory issues, cancer, and other health problems. Protecting our health means moving towards cleaner, renewable energy sources.

Energy Independence

Relying on methane ties us to volatile global energy markets, subjecting us to price fluctuations and geopolitical tensions. Transitioning to local renewables offers energy independence, reducing vulnerability to external factors. Harnessing the power of our own resources like hydroelectricity and solar, ensures a stable, reliable energy supply for our communities.

Environmental Harm

Despite being a cleaner burning fuel than coal or oil, methane still releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants when burned. Its extraction, often through hydraulic fracturing (fracking), can contaminate water sources and disrupt ecosystems. Most British Columbians support investing in renewable energy alternatives and want to move away from fossil fuels altogether.

Transitioning Today

With British Columbia’s abundant renewable energy resources, such as hydroelectric power, we have the opportunity to transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. Embracing renewables and saying no to fossil fuels, isn’t only better for the planet and our health, but also creates jobs and means a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren.

Learn More

Want to know more? Explore the resources below to dive deeper into the impact of methane on our environment and health:

Join us in advocating for a cleaner, healthier British Columbia. Together, we can make a difference by choosing renewable energy over harmful fossil fuels like methane.

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The Zero Carbon Step Code is specifically about making NEW buildings more efficient, affordable and comfortable for people to live in, in the face of the changing climate, for our communities.

It’s true that we can’t make the shift to all-electric overnight, but this policy is taking the first step to get us there. And we can use our voices as a community to come together and speak up for what we need our city councils to require the developers to do.

These B.C. communities have adopted a strong Zero Carbon Step Code and yours can too!


Central Saanich



Cowichan Valley Regional District



New Westminster

North Cowichan

Oak Bay




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Coquitlam is thinking about adopting the Zero Carbon Step Code at its highest level. Add your name to let Coquitlam decision makers know you support this.

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