By listening & sharing stories we can connect on shared values to overcome the issues that divide us & move forward together

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Climate change, conservation and energy problems are not environmental problems, they are people problems. For too long we’ve been divided on how to move forward on solutions to big problems that affect people everyday.

To get enough people wanting the same solutions, we need to do something we haven’t done before.

We need to listen to people who disagree with us.

We need to connect as humans and find our common ground to move forward together.

Deep community engagement, or deep canvassing, is a practice for having vulnerable, emotional, and nonjudgmental conversations in person or over the phone that last 10-25 minutes with someone who feels differently about an issue. 

Deep Canvassing is:

  • An engagement tactic that is transformational instead of transactional
  • Rooted in listening with honest curiosity and non-judgment to the concerns of people who have conflicted feelings on an issue
  • Canvasser shares personal life experiences & encourages other person to do the same
  • The outcome of deep canvassing is that people change their minds and that change lasts.

By sharing vulnerable stories and truly getting at the emotional heart of the issues that divide us, we can overcome polarization and prejudice.

“I’m supporting a good effort, and I believe it will make a positive contribution in our community and therefore the world.” RaNae, Deep Canvass Volunteer

Deep engagement is how we build a populist climate movement. Polling shows 45% of Canadians agree climate change is a real problem but aren’t informed or engaged yet, so their support is not reliable. To have political will for lasting policy changes we need rural, as well as urban Canadians, to support the clean energy transition.

Since early 2020, our team has knocked on hundreds of doors and made thousands of calls to deeply engage with people in our community we don’t typically talk with. In these conversations, 1 in 3 rural people resolve their internal conflict and shift their beliefs and behaviours in a lasting way to support more government action on climate and 100% clean energy.

We are:

  • The 1st deep canvassing program in Canada
  • The 1st complete deep canvassing program on climate and energy anywhere in the world
  • A 2022 Top Project Award winner from Canada’s Clean50.

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Neighbours United is a team of everyday people working together to solve the issues that divide our neighbours.

By listening to people’s honest concerns, sharing stories of life experiences, and truly getting at the heart of everyday problems, we are finding common ground in our communities and living better, together.

We are the first group anywhere to run a long term deep canvass project on climate & energy, and the first group in Canada to use Deep Canvassing.



We can make a difference when we work together on our common struggles.

For too long, we’ve been divided over solutions to big problems that affect people every day, such as pollution, waste, energy, transportation, and climate change.

We can overcome division and move forward together by doing something we haven’t done before: talking and listening across lines of difference, particularly in rural communities and small towns built around traditional energy and extraction industries.

To do this, we are using a tested and proven model called deep canvassing. This engagement method is rooted in listening with honest curiosity and non-judgment to the concerns of people who have conflicted feelings on an issue.

By sharing stories of our life experiences and understanding the heart of the issues that divide us, we can overcome polarization, fear, and prejudice to find our common ground and willingness to make the positive changes that are good for all our neighbours.

We are the first group anywhere to run a long term deep canvass project on climate & energy, and the first and only group in Canada to use deep canvassing.

Visit our sister project, Living Here, to read stories about the root problems we’re hearing in the deep canvasses, and the solutions created by rural and small town people.

Living better together in community is about listening, understanding, and engaging more people in our common struggles to make the lives of us and our neighbours better.

Together we are Neighbours United.

Neighbours United is inspired by the deep canvassing projects of the Leadership Lab, the New Conversation Initiative, the Montana Engagement Partnership, and SURJ. We have been working with The New Conversation Initiative in developing this project.

Deep Canvassing for Climate Solutions


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