My Everest Challenge

As a passionate outdoors woman, it is my honour to partner with the EcoSociety as they are leaders on many issues we face here in the Kootenays and bring so much value to our community. One could say I like to run and run a lot. It’s a selfish pursuit really, one that takes many hours of dedication, commitment, and energy. It has brought me to the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m ever grateful.

To counterbalance the amount of time I put into my running, I’d like to do something about it. And as someone who works in the field of environmental science as a Professional Agrologist, I know there is much to do about about climate change, the biodiversity crisis, species extinction, pollution and invasive species in our world, and right here in the Kootenays. As a born and raised Nelson local, I remember in high school studying and tracking the Caribou in Stagleap Provincial Park, this population has recently perished, most likely due to a number of confounding issues as listed above. The number of issues we face can often feel insurmountable, I do believe that every action we take to preserve and protect the environment creates momentum towards further progress.

With all of this, I’d like to go on a “run” in name of the West Kootenay EcoSociety. If I am able to raise $500 for local environmental action, I will take on the Everest Challenge right here in Nelson. 

The Route

I will be running up and down flagpole hiking path (the extension of pulpit rock in Nelson) most probably 12-14 times with the goal of running 9,000m in one day. Want to join me in the challenge? Let’s do it!
Happy trails,

If you’d like to join me in the Everest Challenge in May 2022 and raise money for this important cause, send me a dm @jazminerosalynn, or Facebook me at Jazmine Lowther. Thanks!

Credit cards and credit-debit cards are accepted through this form, debit cards are not. Apologies. For any issues regarding donations, please contact or call 250-921-5497.

Thank you for helping me raise $500 for local environmental action, run will take place in May 2022, date tbd!