Everyone Deserves a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

Every Canadian deserves to have their basic needs met and live with dignity.

Caring for our neighbours means making sure everyone can afford to heat & cool their homes to stay comfortable and safe. It means everyone can afford to get to work, daycare, school, and the grocery store, and have their basic medical needs met.

Although we are all affected by the impacts of our warming and changing climates, not everyone has the resources to keep safe from the most harmful effects. Our vulnerable neighbours need your help to stay safe from fires, floods, landslides, and extreme heat and cold, especially as living costs are going up from the impacts of climate change.

It is time our governments, elected by citizens like you, implement a guaranteed livable basic income so no one continues to struggle to survive on poverty-level incomes.


Support a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

I support a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. Adding your name means you are standing with other Canadians to end poverty. Each signature gets us one step closer to showing decision-makers that enough Canadians support basic income policies. 

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