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End Unfair Oil and Gas Breaks

We have relied on forestry, mining, and oil and gas jobs to support our families and communities. 

But now we are getting an unfair deal. Oil and gas workers are losing their jobs, while CEOs and companies still get over $1 billion in tax benefits from the Government.

This is money being taken away from the services we need, like healthcare and affordable housing, and retraining workers into clean energy jobs.

Tell our government to put our needs before those of big polluters.

Stop giving breaks to big polluters

Afford to Live

Every Canadian deserves to have their basic needs met and live with dignity.

Caring for our neighbours means making sure everyone can afford to heat & cool their homes to stay comfortable and safe. It means everyone can afford to get to work, daycare, school, and the grocery store, and have their basic medical needs met.

Not everyone has the resources to keep safe from the most harmful effects of climate change. Our vulnerable neighbours need your help to stay safe from fires, floods, and extreme heat and cold.

It is time our governments implement a guaranteed livable basic income so no one has to struggle to survive.

Life can be affordable for all

Community in Nature

People are searching for ways to keep their drinking water clean and homes and families safe from flooding, drought, and forest fires.

And when we create awareness about the value of our ecosystems within our communities, industries and government, we can all work together to take care of our natural resources for years to come.

We are here to help and have a guide for people like us who want to make a difference in our backyards so our communities can be healthy and safe.

Defend your watershed