People are at the heart of the climate crisis. To avoid the worst climate impacts we need to make, implement & enforce policy that makes life better for more people. The playbook is a guide to develop the bottom up support in your community for climate action. It provides the clear steps to develop a local government climate action plan for the residents and the decision-makers in your community.

What does good climate policy look like?

People want to support good climate policy, and to do that it needs to be not just climate policy, it needs to be people policy that protects people from the worst climate impacts. And not just in your community, in communities around the world.

We need enough people to support vulnerable people-focused climate policy, otherwise elected leaders won’t have the backing to embrace good policy. 

This Playbook & Toolkit are a response you can use in your community. The Playbook provides a play-by-play guide to developing the bottom up support in your community for climate action. The Toolkit is a list of example resources for you to cut, copy, paste and customize for your use. 

Together, they are a template to get your community to a commitment and a plan to adopt 100% renewable energy.


Is this Playbook & Toolkit for me?

This Playbook and Toolkit is for people who want to make a difference in their own backyards: their towns and communities. You could be using this Playbook and Toolkit as a person, an organization, or a local government elected official or staff member.

Making change that will last requires enough community support. No matter who you are, this is the important step you can’t skip. This Playbook focuses on how to build that community support so it lasts, how to get resolutions passed at council or board tables, and how to develop a 100% renewable energy transition plan.



What is a commitment to 100% renewable energy?

A commitment to 100% renewable energy can be defined in various ways. Its strength is that it’s a uniting vision for a community. The main sectors that local governments can influence that produce carbon pollution are heating and cooling in buildings, transportation in personal, public and commercial modes, and electricity use.

Making a commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy in at least these three sectors by 2050 inevitably includes being net-zero in emissions and requires we conserve energy, continually increase energy efficiency, and procure any remaining energy from renewable sources.



100% renewable energy is for everyone

100% renewable energy uses positive, solutions-oriented language that appeals to the majority of people, not just those who are already in support of ambitious climate action. If we want climate solutions to be implemented across the political spectrum, then we need to make climate solutions a populist issue, which requires broad outreach and most people to be supportive. Inclusive language opens the door for new people to come in and work in-community to develop solutions and support resourcing for ongoing implementation.


A commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy in community energy use allows the most ambitious commitment to phase-out fossil fuels and phase-in renewable energy within a local government’s jurisdiction.

100% Renewable Energy in Your Community Playbook & Toolkit

Thank you for taking the first big step to getting your community to commit to 100% renewable energy.

Downloading the Playbook will also give you access to the Toolkit materials that you can use as templates for your campaign.

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