Gallery of materials to help you communicate your plan

Here you will find documents, sample posters, agendas, blog posts, social media posts, news releases, photos and videos that illustrate many of the actions involved in bringing a community together to adopt a 100% renewable energy plan.

We have added these here for you to copy, cut and paste and use as you need to make your campaign successful.

These photos & videos show some of the community engagement activities that EcoSociety and the local governments organized and took part in while building the support for the 100% renewable energy commitment in communities in the West Kootenays.

Photos of volunteers helping out and people engaging in discussions as well as people celebrating the victories are vital for effective communications about the work you are doing. Good photos of the people involved in the process need to accompany every news release, blog post and social media post to help you share your message and gain more support.

Please note that all of these activities in the pictures happened before the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are 29 photos in the carousel. Click on any one to enlarge & scroll through all of them.

Posters, flyers, postcards and social media graphics are useful materials to create to share your message, particularly in small communities. One of the West Kootenay local governments sent a postcard to every residence when they wanted their community to provide feedback on the draft 100% renewable energy plan.

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Social media is an easy way to keep a conversation going in your community, share upcoming engagement opportunities, and share information. Even when there is down time between big actions, you can keep people informed and engaged with facts, ideas and news from other jurisdictions.

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Your website is another great place to share information in another format. Your newsroom and events calendar help keep people up to date on news and events, and blog posts are an opportunity to meet the people behind the push for 100% renewable energy in your community. EcoSociety had staff and volunteers write blog posts that show the many facets of the transition to 100% renewable energy, framing it in different ways to show all the benefits and urgency.

Find your people & have them share their stories through blog posts.