Together we can build Resilience

For 25 years together we’ve built sustainable communities & protected wild places. You are part of this story —  this is your legacy.

While we take a moment to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we also know the biggest challenges are yet to come. You can stand up for healthy & safe communities and wilderness by making a gift to the Resilience Fund. This will kick off our next chapter together, as a stronger and more resilient EcoSociety.

Last year we had the collective foresight to establish Resilience Fund. When the pandemic hit, we were relieved that we have a pot of community money saved and ready to support our community. Help us sustain the Resilience Fund for future years, so we are always ready to respond rapidly to you and your neighbours needs, and not have to rely on grants to do this. Together we can start the next 25 years of defending wild places and healthy community in the Kootenays.

Together we can work hard, never give up, and build the clean and healthy Kootenays we love and want to protect.



Don’t want to give by credit card? Find out about other ways to donate to the EcoSociety.

To find out more about giving options over $1,000, please contact us.

EcoSociety does not issue charitable tax receipts, so we can be flexible and advocate for your community and the natural world.