What is the True Cost of Funding Fossil Fuels?

The British Columbian government recently announced an overhaul of the oil and gas royalty system and the cancellation of a handful of fossil fuel subsidies including, the province’s largest fossil fuel subsidy, the Deep Well Royalty Program. 

Your hard-earned tax dollars is being used to compensate oil and gas companies when they drill deep wells. Oil and gas corporations are getting a free ride on the gravy train at your expense and the environment. A free ride that costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

We were appalled that fossil fuels subsidies are still being funded. But what if we told you the true cost of funding fossil fuels is close to $5.3 trillion a year worldwide?*

When you factor in the social and environmental health impacts, such as the extreme climate events we are experiencing firsthand, funding fossil fuels comes at a huge cost that we end up paying for in more ways than one. 

Our provincial government has been spending your tax dollars in ways that further destroy our only planet and threaten the clean air and fresh water in our neighbourhoods that we value. Exxon lobbyists have openly admitted that they have known the true cost of fossil fuels to our climate for years**. Yet, they decided to invest in industry-wide climate change denial to continue to fund an industry that has caused us so much harm. How does that make you feel?

Not only do these subsidies distort supply and demand across the world, but when fossil fuels appear to be cheaper than they are, they make other options, such as renewable energy, less attractive to investors and consumers. 

We think it’s time for a new normal. We are ready for a better future!

Wouldn’t we rather spend billions of dollars on things that matter most to Canadians? The BC Government could be spending your hard-earned tax dollars on more important things like retraining oil and gas workers in renewable energies and investing in climate solutions!

Sign the petition today. Let your Government know that you no longer want to see your hard-earned tax dollars being spent on giving fossil fuel companies a break. They have taken up enough time. And now, our time is running out. We need to take action on climate change now.  

We can demand that our governments work better moving forward because together, we can change the world!

*A study from the International Monetary Fund says global use of fossil fuels costs taxpayers and consumers $5.3 trillion each year.
**Exxon knew the effects of fossil fuels on climate: A timeline from GreenPeace

Phase Out Fossil Fuels

When you factor in the social and environmental impacts, such as the extreme climate events we are currently experiencing firsthand, funding fossil fuels comes at a huge cost that we end up paying for in more ways than one. It's time to tell the provincial government that we no longer want to see them funding the fossil fuel industry. Have your voice heard. Sign the petition today. 

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