The Haunting Continues....

The ghost of inflation continues to haunt us as we stroll through the grocery aisle every day. But who are we to call? Ghostbusters won’t exterminate this haunting. We need a bigger hero. We need YOU.

Together, we can push our elected leaders to pay attention and start being accountable for their campaign promises. A guaranteed livable basic income is more than a political trick. Today, you can be the hero we need by signing our petition in support of a guaranteed livable basic income. Will you pledge your support?

It is time our governments, elected by citizens like you, implement a guaranteed livable basic income so no one continues to struggle to survive on poverty-level incomes.

While elected officials take their time deciding how to tackle rising inflation rates, food security continues to diminish across the region. We started our Farms to Friends program to help strengthen food security for vulnerable people in the region. Week after week, we would provide families and seniors in need with a bag of fresh, locally-grown produce.

Click here to learn more about Farms to Friends

Support a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

I support a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. Adding your name means you are standing with other Canadians to end poverty. Each signature gets us one step closer to showing decision-makers that enough Canadians support basic income policies. 

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