Farms to Friends is about local food security & our most vulnerable residents.

This Valentine’s Day, share some love in your community by donating local, healthy food to a family in need.


We’re connecting 87 low income families and seniors in the West Kootenays with farm fresh local, organic food once a week to help ensure those people who need it most have access to healthy food.

Parents using food for Homeschool

Over the past 6 months, we have been learning more about our Farms to Friends participants. So many families have been tremendously affected by the pandemic either emotionally, financially or physically and reliable weekly food deliveries have been keeping them going, many are happy to receive the food but also excited to see the smiling faces of the ones delivering their food.

Since the pandemic, many children in the program have had to stay at home with their parents, grandparents or guardians due to schools closing or moms feeling uneasy to send kids back. It has been lovely to hear that several Moms have started using the products received from the weekly Farms to Friends bags as an educational game or a teaching experience.

Whilst chatting to Melissa a mom of  2 kids, I learned that when they receive an unfamiliar food item in their bag, she gives her kids the task of researching how the item is grown, if it’s possible for the family to replant it from a seed, how long would it take to fully grow and how much would be necessary to provide for the family. Another mom Angelina, shared that she is pleased to see her children take a strong interest in food production and are looking forward to growing their own garden this spring, either at home or in our local community garden. Participating in Farms to Friends has really helped her understand what can be grown in the region.

A bag of healthy food goes a long way. It can nourish, inspire, educate and grow a bond with our neighbours in the community. 

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Farms to Friends program coordinator.

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