Be one of the thousands of grassroots donors protecting wild places & building safer, healthier communities today.

Your donation will create the 100% renewable energy transition, connect low income people to farmers and healthy local food, and keep our wild spaces pristine.

From your local farmers’ markets that increase the sustainability of local food systems and reduce food transportation pollution to environmental education, and to your campaign to transition your community to 100% renewable energy by 2050, your contribution is making a big difference.

We’ve all heard it, climate change is the biggest challenge of our times. At EcoSociety, we’re working to create systemic change, right here in the West Kootenays, to tackle the roots of climate change. Through engagement organizing that leverages our collective power as citizens to demand action, your local elected leaders will take action because the support of you and your neighbours is strong, united and loud.

We can’t wait for provincial and federal governments, or international organizations to take the lead. We can and must lead by example. Together we can create the preeminent rural Canadian model of inclusive, ecologically sound, community living, that includes ensuring that oppressed and vulnerable people, Indigenous Peoples and First Nations are engaged in local decision-making.

Your contribution will be used wisely. Let’s work together to make the West Kootenays safe and healthy for all.

All supporters who donate $25 or more annually become members of the West Kootenay EcoSociety. Monthly giving is the best way to ensure your membership with the EcoSociety has the biggest impact.

EcoSociety does not issue charitable tax receipts, so we can be flexible and advocate for your community and the natural world.

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To find out more about giving options over $1,000, please contact us.

Please call Laura at 250-921-5497 to donate over the phone.

Other Ways to Give 

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“The EcoSociety is a small group of dedicated and hard-working people who definitely “punch above their weight” when it comes to educating the public about environmental and sustainability issues, and taking action to protect water, air, ecosystems, wildlife and wild places in the West Kootenay.That’s why I feel honored to support the EcoSociety with regular donations and to volunteer on the Conservation Committee”

Evan Mckenzie, EcoSociety member.