CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you support the transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050?If elected, will you support the protection of old growth forest in the West Kootenays?If elected, will you support the continued operation of your local farmers’ market in or closest to your community?
Sue Heaton-SherstobitoffCouncillorNOT SURENOT SUREYES
Nicole HergertCouncillorYESYESYES
Gordan LamontCouncillor
Cherryl MacleodCouncillor
Tyler MaddocksCouncillorYESYESYES
Maria McFaddinCouncillorNOT SUREYESYES
Bergen PriceCouncillorYESYESYES
Dan RyeCouncillor
Brian SmitheramCouncillor
Janna SylvestCouncillorYESYESYES
Florio VassilakakisCouncillorYESNOT SUREYES
Lawrence ChernoffMayorYESNOT SUREYES
Deb McIntoshMayorYESYESYES
Bruno TassoneMayor

Track Record

Candidates’ highlight their track record on any other environmental or social justice issues they have already taken action on.

CandidateTrack Record
Sue Heaton-SherstobitoffSupported the application to the CBT Affordable Housing Program for funding to complete the Community Housing Needs Assessment for the City of Castlegar in order for us to start the decision on an affordable housing strategy. (February of 2018)Supported the change over to the Universal Water Meters Program in order to increase water conservation within our community.
Supported the transition to a bi-weekly solid waste program – where you alternate garage and recycling weeks in order to decrease garbage going to the landfill and increasing recycling.
Nicole Hergert-15+ years working on inclusion and engagement; LGBTQ, disabilities, poverty reduction

-Personal commitment to environmental low impact lifestyle. Our family uses active transportation first, cars second
-Led the renaissance of the community garden in downtown Castlegar, building relationships with community members and local schools
Gordan Lamont
Cherryl Macleod
Tyler MaddocksWell certainly in my own life, I reduced my energy consumption
Maria McFaddinI have always believed that it my duty as a human being to be a voice for those that may not have one. This plays into all facets of life. I have foster teenagers, fed the homeless, let many people live with us for periods of time. I do realize that in order for us to go completely renewable that takes a community effort to help those that may not have the resources to do so. What I mean, is that many in our community are so busy just trying to keep their heads above water, that finding the money, and the time to make the changes necessary to go renewable is not reasonable without some outside help. I just want to make sure that as we look at this topic we brainstorm ideas on how to help everyone accomplish this together and not shame those that may not have the opportunity to do so.
Bergen PriceWhat I can say is we practice an eco friendly house hold.  We diligently recycle and ensure we do the simple things to make the environment better.  I can’t speak to any large scale issues, but I can say I fully support green initiatives and would be a Councillor that is in support. I am on your team.
Dan Rye
Brian Smitheram
Janna SylvestI’m a progressive, economic development professional (business and law)exclusively working for underrepresented groups; My first decade of practice was exclusive to representing First Nations, while the accomplishments belong to the Nations, the outcomes include run-of-river hydro, sustainable fisheries, environmentally and culturally, sensitive tourism resorts, repatriation of cultural artifacts and eco-tourism in remote locations, and establishing taxation rights; My next decade of practice included founding an organization focused on women’s sexuality, we pioneered a healthy regulatory regime, education and empowerment, vendor fair purchase practices, local manufacturing, safety and quality of materials, and low to no packaging practices, among other firsts in retail; I co-founded the Pedestrian First transportation model in Vancouver (lobbying for and ultimately writing the Council motion), and was a part of the Greenest City task force and community neighbourhood planning, Street-to-Home, and other progressive firsts; since retiring to home turf in the West Kootenay, I’m involved in working pro bono on a DiverseCity project for cultural and education based economic growth (away from extraction economy), housing policy, and non-profit planning. Please see for details on my social justice, environmental, and other connected viewpoints to governance founded on sustainable principles.
Florio Vassilakakis1. Strong support at council for:
a)Solid waste management plan to decrease garbage and increase recycling. Vocal supporter of collaboration with RDCK to create area wide curbside organics pickup. This program also is in support of Bear Smart”ing” our community.
b)Water conservation policy
c) Asset Management with focus on climate change d) Supported implementation of GPS and monitoring of fleet for the long term purpose of collecting data and becoming more energy efficient.
e) Supported installation of Ev Stations on City land.
f) Support green initiatives and policy creation.
g) Support of Wildfire Mitigation service with RDCK.
h) Support of local yard waste composting facility
2. As a business owner, I was the very first Oceanwise certified restaurant in the Kootenays. Long before it was popular, my business supported a transition to sustainable products, enviro friendly and compostable containers and LED lighting 14 years ago.
3. As a father of 3, I am genuinely concerned about the world we are leaving for our children, not only in the environment, but also where inequity creates further injustice. I am right of centre fiscally, left of centre on social progress. As a business owner, I have always believed that giving back to the community, treating employees fairly is as important as profit. If you can’t do all of those, then how are you contributing, positively. I have always believed that operating a business is a means to many ends.
Lawrence ChernoffThe city is a leader in conservation on many fronts water meters,LED lighting,solar power and numerous other initiatives .
Deb McIntoshI manage the Market in Castlegar. I am the President of Community Harvest Food Bank and founding member. I brought forward a motion to review and revamp our Herbicide/pesticide for 2018/2019. I support enhancing and protecting green space. I have supported and argued for chickens and bees. I support the biking lanes and support the biking and pedestrian biking masterplan. City Hall – geothermal, switched out all street lights with LEDS, electric car chargers.
Bruno Tassone

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below questions and no track record responses.