CandidateOfficeNelson has already passed a motion on 100% renewable energy. If elected, will you continue to support the transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050?If elected, will you support the protection of old growth forest in the West Kootenays?If elected, will you support the continued operation of your local farmers’ market in or closest to your community?
Robert AdamsCouncillorYESYESYES
Brittny AndersonCouncillorYESYESYES
Laureen BarkerCouncillorYESNOT SUREYES
Robin CherboCouncillorYESYESYES
Travis HauckCouncillor YESYESYES
Michelle HillabyCouncillorYESYESYES
Charles JeansCouncillorYESYESYES
Robbie KalabisCouncillorYESYESYES
Heather Keczan – no longer runningCouncillor
Richard LogtenbergCouncillorYESYESYES
Janice MorrisonCouncillorYESYESYES
Keith PageCouncillor                        YES                         YES                         YES
Leslie PayneCouncillorYESYESYES
Joseph ReinerCouncillorYESYESYES
Cal RenwickCouncillorNOT SUREYESYES
Rob RichichiCouncillorYESYESYES
Brian SheildsCouncillorYESYESYES
Margaret StaceyCouncillorYESYESYES
Stephanie WigginsCouncillorYESYESYES
Jesse WoodwardCouncillorYESYESYES
Bernie BrownMayor

Track Record

Candidates’ highlight their track record on any other environmental or social justice issues they have already taken action on.

CandidateTrack Record
Robert AdamsI support all issues that will keep the City of Nelson healthy and strong
Brittny AndersonI am deeply committed to the environmental movement. I hold a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. Keith Wiley from Ecocentric on Kootenay Co-op Radio wants to see Nelson as the eco-capital of Canada – I fully support this vision!I spent time in India as an Intern at Vandana Shiva’s Seed Saving Farm, Bija Vidyapeeth were I became deeply committed to the organic agricultural movement and the protection of our forests and watersheds, which are intimately interlinked. I am currently working with Young Agrarians celebrating our local food system and supporting new entrants into farming.This year I flew to Ottawa to have private meetings with our political leaders including MP Elizabeth May and Senator Tony Dean to discuss the importance of including environmental provisions, such as permitting outdoor cannabis cultivation, in legislation and regulations.While at the RDCK, I conducted public education and wrote funding grant applications for water system upgrades. As the RDCK’s Environmental Technologist I supported various functions regarding our regional resource recovery system. If elected, I will show leadership and ensure the City of Nelson supports the RDCK’s efforts to construct an organics composting facility in our region.We all felt the impacts of climate chaos this year. Nelson needs to be a leader in reducing our environmental impacts and ensuring we are resilient in the face of climate change. We must think global and act local NOW!
Laureen BarkerI support the lofty goal of 100% renewable energy in Nelson by 2050. I do drive but it is an electric plug-in hybrid vehicle.I am concerned about the effect climate change will have on the inland rainforest we live in. I am reluctant to say that I will support protection of old growth forests in this area because I think that they will possibly be decimated by drought and wildfire if left alone. I think protection may mean a more active stewardship to the type of vegetation that exists in high desert ecosystems. It is a sad time we live in where these type of difficult decisions must be made.
Robin CherboWe started the Eco-Save program to improve energy efficient houses which has been a great success, . We have improved the energy efficiency of City building especially the 100 year old Fire Hall. We have improved our water and sewer infrastructure so we use less water.
Travis HauckOn the environmental side of things, I have been an advocate for cycling for healthy living and commuting. I have also implemented recycling at the last business I worked at.
I look forward to helping Nelson with climate change and fire protection if I get elected into City Council.
Michelle HillabyDo you support the move towards all renewable energy? Do you support the protection of old growth forest? Do you support the local Farmer’s Markets? Of course the answer is yes, yes and yes, how could anyone possibly say no?! It’s 2018 and we are smarter and need to be better. I think Nelson is a great supporter of buying locally grown food and supporting the local farmers. I think the three goals mentioned above are great but I think we need to do more and do it now. It’s time to phase out Styrofoam, plastic bags, straws and utensils. I would like to see more recycling available in public spaces. I want to see city-wide compositing. I support more education to ensure less contamination in our recycling. Let’s be the city that everyone looks to as an example
Charles JeansI joined the Kootenay Centre for a Sustainable Future when I got to Nelson, Iin 1987. I have been on protest lines, gotten arrested protecting forests, etc before I got here. My opinions have been published a lot over the years, in my radio show at KCR, letters to Editors, my columns, my campaigns for Council. I have not been a member of the EcoSociety. I have voted Green. But my main claim to have a consistent position for the environment is my long track record back to 1987 of advocating a no growth or very slow growth policy by local governments to keep the population of humans on the land as low as we can, not driven by market forces, developers, and the constant push for Growth in Capitalism. My opinion was not treated seriously, I lost every election I ever entered. But humans are the source of ecological degradation, and slowing or discouraging population growth was the most fundamental policy of all, in my opinion. It was not a fantasy, for some towns have done this successfully. Okotoks, AB is one place, and Arcata, California is another. My guru on ecology and economy is Charles Eisenstein. I think I have said sufficient. All the best to all the people who do all they can to protect all elements of the natural environment, our food and water sources, other species, and human quality of life, against a system designed to ruin all of that. 
Robbie KalabisThank you for this opportunity and forum to provide my thoughts on something I hold near and dear to my heart – Nelson and the environment.I have a BSc degree in Environmental Science and am very much in touch with the natural environment surrounding Nelson and the Queen City itself, after having been born and raised in Nelson and spent over 30 years hear.I champion an Adopt a Highway group that takes care of litter pickup and invasive species removal along Highway 3A from Johnstone Rd to Nasookin Rd. The name of the group is Have a Nice Day!I wholeheartedly support farmers markets. My family has a small farm out the northshore from Nelson, where we mainly grow fruit that we consume ourselves and give to family, friends and neighbours.I am a member of the Friends of Pulpit Rock Trail Society, which promotes environmental stewardship and wellness by providing proximal access to nature and a healthy recreational opportunity.I would love to see more community gardens around Nelson, to give people a change to ground themselves in the earth, grow their own produce, forge lasting bonds and build community.Vote for Robbie Kalabis!
Thanks for the support.Cheers,Robbie
Heather Keczan
Richard Logtenberg– Citizens Climate Lobby: Lobbied MLAs, MPs, and Senators on climate change, with the goal of passing legislation that would put an effective price on carbon, reduce fossil fuel subsidies, etc.
– Taybeh: Cofounded a social enterprise for Syrian Refugees.
– 2 Degrees institute: provide ongoing support and consultation to the organization. The 2Degree institute’s mission is to be a real-time data source on key Greenhouse Gas emissions.
Janice MorrisonIn my role as Vice President of the Health Sciences Association BC (HSABC) I have supported many environmental and social justice issues. Including encouraging the union to invest in the New Westminster solar garden that is modelled on our solar garden here in Nelson. We have a committee on equity and social action that supports many groups around B.C. including having made donations to the redevelopment of Ward street place and the Nelson Women’s centre.
I support the City’s Path to 2040 document. I support the Active transportation plan of 2010. I do believe this needs to reviewed and updated.
I strongly believe that we need to improve our recycling and that we need to find more (creative) ways to get this information out to residents.
Climate change is happening and we need to look at ways the city can mitigate the effects of this change and also be prepared for the dramatic weather shifts – flooding to drought. We need to build resilient and sustainable climate action plans
Keith Page
Leslie PayneMy track record is my life.Living
I live in a modest heritage bungalow with my four adult daughters. We have always made lifestyle decisions based on being good stewards of our home and the planet. We wear wool socks and sweaters in the winter so that we can keep the thermostat set environmentally low and we close the blinds and the windows on hot summer days. We have a long-term plan to turn our property into a “food forest” to increase the level of food security for our family and for our city. We have three rain barrels. I carry a cloth shopping bag, a togo mug and my own bamboo cutlery wherever I go. I drink tap water. We recycle, compost and make careful buying decisions to minimize garbage and the impact on the planet. We share what we have.Moving
Our household transportation plan consists of one electric scooter, two electric bicycles, bus tickets, a membership with the Kootenay CarShare, an older model sub-compact vehicle and 5 pairs of strong and well exercised legs. We are frequent users of the Kootenay Rideshare program.Leading
I joined the EcoSociety as soon as I arrived in Nelson and am currently a monthly donor. I also support the David Suzuki Foundation, The Wilderness Committee, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. I have organized and/or participated in actions with, Leadnow, Greenpeace, Transition Towns, Earth Day and Earth Hour. I show up; I stand up; I speak up. I am taking action to leave the world healthy and whole for future generations.
Joseph ReinerI believe climate change is one of biggest human issues we face, right now at this point in history. We must take bold concussive steps towards elevating the effects of this issue. We must work together within all levels of government to safeguard our collective future.Municipalities around North America are leading the charge for renewable energy transition in Canada and around the world. If elected I would work diligently with city staff, council, our business community and private home owners to ensure we stay on track with our targets around sustainability and renewable energy. I would also like to investigate the possibility of starting an incentive program for businesses and homeowners who upgrade or already use energy efficient products, alternative power sources or employ ecofriendly building practices.We already have an environmentally conscious community, so let’s work together to educate and inspire others to join us in becoming the greenest small city in North America.On the matter of food security, I’m proud to say I was integral in creating a number of paid jobs for individuals with barriers to employment, in the first summer seasons of the Nelson Food Cupboards Community Garden. We worked as a team of committed locals to clean up a vacant lot, establish garden beds and other needed infrastructure to transform the space (under the direction of Kim Charlesworth) into the food producing garden it is today. I believe in supporting a locally based food economy.
Cal RenwickI was in attendance at the Nov. 2017 COW meeting when you presented and then again in Jan. 2018 when council referred the 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 to the next council, 2019-2022. I support your efforts towards the Renewable Energy by 2050 program and I do support the West Kootenay Eco Society’s programs. I love and visit the Farmer’s Markets, I do believe we can get to zero waste, and I firmly believe in keeping Jumbo wild. If elected I do want to make informed decisions and at this point I need to do more research before I can give you a Yes to question #1. I look forward to becoming better educated so I may be more compassionate about this important program. Please feel free to email me all relevant information.
Thank you for understanding.
Rob Richichi
Brian SheildsI have been a lifelong advocate for the environment since my teen years. Clean air and clean water are my mantra. I was there for the marriage of engineering and the environment and my role was to be the protector of the environment. I was the author of the Environmental Best Practices for Public Works Association of British Columbia. When I worked in Coquitlam , I led the Spill Response team , in support of Fire Rescue for ten years. During that time I responded to hundreds of spills and our actions mitigated the impact on the watercourses of the city. Habitat enhancement was also part of my role and each year we completed fifteen projects which repaired the impact of urban growth as well as historical damage. I hold credentials in the Environment.Canadian Environmental Certification Board, (CECAB)
Four University Level CertificationsHuman and Environmental Health and Safety,
Water Quality Protection
Integrated Environmental Management
Communication and Public AwarenessSocial Justice
I have been an advocate for women’s rights and racially equality all of my adult life. Internationally, I worked with the ANC to defeat apartheid in South Africa and am a strident trade unionist in support of workers rights.
Margaret StaceyEarly in my first term on Council I initiated the practice of inserting an environmental impact lens on every decision made by Council. I continue to do so in every otganization i am invoIved in. I fully supported and participated in the passing of the Official Community Plan and the Path to 2040 . One of my portfolios was liaison to NCOH especially when it established SPAN, the Social Planning Action Network. I support the work of the Inter Faith Climate Action group, and in particular I am involved in the measures we are planning at Nelson United Church.
Stephanie Wiggins
Jesse WoodwardI grew up on a farm in the Slocan Valley in the 1970’s and Nelson was the big exciting city to me when I was a kid. As an adult I have always been drawn back to Nelson and the Kootenays. My wife and I returned to put our roots down here 8 years ago after I completed my Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Saskatchewan. We are now parents to a lively and loving 5 year old and we bought a house here 2 years ago. I have been the West Kootenay EcoSociety’s Markets & Events Director for the last 7+ years. The duties of this position include the yearly organization and management of the Cottonwood Community Market, The Nelson Downtown Local Market, the MarketFest summer street celebrations and GardenFest as well assisting in other yearly events and programing that the EcoSociety hosts. I have a deep lifelong connection to Nelson and the Kootenays in general and I want to contribute my efforts to making it an even more wonderful and wholesome place to live, work and raise families. My 7+ years as the Markets & Events Director has shown me that dedicated and reliable management can support local economic and cultural well-being and I want to bring that experience and learned knowledge to the Nelson City Council Chamber. My election priorities are action on local climate change issues like wild fire control, supporting a healthful community for everyone from babes to elders and developing better communications between the public and the City.
Bernie Brown
John Dooley
Deb KozakAs Mayor, I have supported and continue to support action to address climate change through: the city of Nelson’s Path to 2040; support of Nelson Hydro’s Ecosave program, implementing Federal and Provincial Climate Action programs; developing the Wildfire mitigation plan; securing our long-term water supply; renewing infrastructure to meet environmental changes; developing long-term transportation plans to reduce emissions; meeting with Provincial and Federal Ministers to advocate for increased action on climate change issues; lobbying for legislated changes to improve protection on private forest lands; Chair Local Governments Committee Columbia River Treaty; collaboration with Austrian Climate Change Institute – ALPs (thanks to climate scientist Mel Reasoner). I am also passionate about social justice issues. In my previous work, I advocated with people with disabilities to secure their rights to vote and participate fully in community.

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below questions and no track record responses.