CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you support the transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050?If elected, will you support the protection of old growth forest in the West Kootenays?If elected, will you support the continued operation of your local farmers’ market in or closest to your community?
Deke BaleyCouncillorYESYESYES
Chris BowmanCouncillor
Caroline EnnsCouncillorYESYESYES
Scott ForsythCouncillorNOT SUREYESYES
John GreeneCouncillor
John LakeCouncillorYESYESYES
Dirk LewisCouncillorYESYES YES
Andy MorelCouncillorYESYESYES
Janice NightingaleCouncillor                      YES                     YES                         YES
Fletcher QuinceCouncillorYESYESYES
Richard SolticeCouncillorYESYESYES
Stewart SpoonerCouncillorYESYESYES
Kathy Moore*Mayor


Track Record
Candidates’ highlight their track record on any other environmental or social justice issues they have already taken action on.

CandidateTrack Record
Deke Baley
Chris Bowman
Caroline Enns1. I took out three huge truck loads of knapweed between my house and Rossland every year for like 10 years, I can no longer do this because I am now blind and have trouble walking. It came in when they would sand my driveway. 2. We are ruining our water supply daily, the stuff we put down our drains and the groundwater, I think we need to be way more careful with what we are doing. People think water is a renewable resource, it’s not; we can’t make more; we have what we have, you can’t make more. We’re polluting it, then it goes up to the clouds and doesn’t come down pure. 3. I’m against pipelines and fracking. We all know we are wrecking the planet by doing this. We can’t eat money. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I like to see things get sustained. But we can only do what we can here, and we’re really lucky.
Scott Forsyth
John Greene
John LakeI have no track record apart from my feelings on sustainability. Coming from Australia, water consumption is a favourite topic for me. Simple water conservation methods are easy for everyone to adopt without causing any hardship at all.
Even garden usage can easily be reduced with drippers and focused watering devices.
Another initiative that is worthwhile is the use of electric bicycles. I know that in our area they can’t be used year round, but I can see the time when seasonally they will cut down on fuel usage and congestion in towns and cities.
I support bottom-up initiatives to show in small ways how we may achieve small gains in energy conservation.
Dirk LewisWith respect to my track record on environmental and social justice issues, I definitely contribute regularly through personal and professional contributions. I’m in the odd position that professionally my main work is to run mosquito control programs; to that end we focus much of our environmental contributions on wetlands, from assisting numerous planting events and restoration efforts, to annual river cleanups and bird and bat habitat installation. We are working towards our business being carbon neutral, currently relying heavily on offsets, but we hope to be in the position to transition to renewable power on our storage facility. On a personal and home level, we’ve chosen to live in a walkable community. We buy locally as much as possible and work to support retailers in our community. We’ve worked diligently to lessen our personal carbon footprint.
Andy MorelSupported all “green” initiatives that have come to Council for the past 4 years. Previous Green Party Candidate – Federal and Provincial.
Advocate for City and regional food security. Sought strong bylaws on banning pesticides/herbicides in City. Sought smoking and no idling bans on downtown streets.
Janice Nightingale
Fletcher QuinceIn 2015 I helped organize and host “An IncrEDIBLE Thanksgiving” alongside the LCCDTS’s “Sustainable Local Agriculture Committee”. This event brought together approximately 60 individuals from various Political, Business, Tourism and Food Producing organizations within the Lower Columbia region to highlight local producers and strength regional relationships in relation to food security.I have taken permaculture courses, worked alongside regional farmers, and have a Masters Degree in Forestry, all of which provide a valuable foundation for making informed decisions surrounding forest and land use practices and policies.Recently I aided a First Nations man residing in Rossland to obtain identity records for his mother (from Montana) as a means of addressing his historic misidentification by the government of Canada.
Richard SolticeI have been a black and white landscape photographer for more than 40 years and have recorded hundreds of images of the Wet Kootenays and published a book in 2011. My Track record in the author’s foreword in this book, which also appears on my website… If you want to know how i feel about environmental issues, read this.
Stewart Spooner I’ve devoted most of life to creating opportunities for affordable, active, outdoor recreation. As operations manager for the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society for the past 18 years, I’m significantly responsible for the network of non-motorized, multi-use trails sutrrounding the community. As a founding and current director of the Friends of the Rossland Range Society, I worked to create and plan the Rossland Range Recreation Site, protecting our mountains from resort expansion and commercial catskiing. As founding director of the West Kootenay Backcountry Hut Society, I’m building a public ski touring cabin in the Southern Valhallas. I live a simple, active, engaged life, based around appreciating the wild forests and mountains of the West Kootenays, and I’m committed to protecting these places I love.
Kathy Moore*

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below questions and no track record responses.