CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you support the transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050?If elected, will you support the protection of old growth forest in the West Kootenays?If elected, will you support the continued operation of your local farmers’ market in or closest to your community?
Dan DanforthCouncillorNOYESYES
Steve DimockCouncillor
Jennifer EndersbyCouncillor
Jonathan HeatlieCouncillor
Jacqueline HuserCouncillor
Farrell SegallCouncillorYESNOT SUREYES
Diana LockwoodMayor
Stephen WhiteMayor

Track Record

Candidates’ highlight their track record on any other environmental or social justice issues they have already taken action on.

CandidateTrack Record
Dan DanforthOver the last four years as a Councillor, I have supported all Salmo initiatives for sustainability, renewable energy – electric veh charging stations – (appropriately positioned) energy conservation, recycling, farmer’s market (as stand alone, not subsidized). I have monitored and supported Columbia River Treaty negotiation & principles. I have participated in invasive plant species removal and wetland revitalization. I support the upgrading our local wastewater treatment to prevent spills and contamination, and to be less costly to maintain. I have NOT actively supported 100% renewable energy by 2050 because the time line is probably too short given our huge dependence on fossil fuel at the present time. The Kootenays, have an added attribute of long travel distances, and renewable vehicle sources of energy are NOT YET viable or cost-effective for many, especially in commercial applications. That will come, and welcome, but no time really soon. The Kootenays, especially Salmo, has a very keen population supporting environmentally sustainable lifestyles, and that is giving great momentum to enviro-progress. Thank you!
Steve Dimock
Jennifer Endersby
Jonathan Heatlie
Jacqueline Huser
Farrell SegallInterested in the sustainable use of natural resources.Focused on job creation in the alternative energy production processActively oppose exploitation of fossil fuels whether in the form of gas, coal, oil and mineral extraction processes that are detrimental to the environment.
Diana Lockwood

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below questions and no track record responses.