CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you support the transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050?If elected, will you support the protection of old growth forest in the West Kootenays?If elected, will you support the continued operation of your local farmers’ market in or closest to your community?
Paul Butler*Councillor
Robert Cacchioni*Councillor
Carol Dobie*Councillor
Eleanor Gattafoni-Robinson*Councillor
Colleen Jones*Councillor
Armando Santori*Councillor
Casey LemeolMayor


Track Record

Candidates’ highlight their track record on any other environmental or social justice issues they have already taken action on.

CandidateTrack Record
Paul Butler*
Robert Cacchioni*
Carol Dobie*
Eleanor Gattafoni-Robinson*
Colleen Jones*
Armando Santori*
Bryan DeferroClimate change:In view of the recent announcement of the LNG project at Kitimat it looks as though 100% renewable energy is off the table.
Conservation:There is a win/win for conservation?protection of old growth forests with sustainable forest practices.
Casey Lemeol

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below questions and no track record responses.