Volunteer Opportunity: Deep Canvass Training & Phone Bank for Old Growth

Join us in an online training and phone bank where you will learn the art of having transformational conversations that change hearts and minds on polarizing issues. By sharing vulnerable stories and truly getting at the emotional heart of the issues that divide us, we can overcome polarization and prejudice.

Our BC neighbours are conflicted about forestry and that’s why we have cracked the code on how to talk to people about prioritizing a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health law for the way BC forests are managed. These conversations are moving over 1 in 3 people we talk to become more in favour of more sustainable logging practices. This year the Premier David Eby will announce a declaration on this law. We need to make sure that this declaration actually becomes law and that can only happen if we have enough of our neighbours on board. Join the training and learn how you can have these kinds of impactful conversations too. 

To sign up for this Friday’s online training and phone bank click here.