Are you passionate about local environmental action?

A fun way to defend critical wildlife, celebrate your love of nature, and build sustainable community is to host a fundraiser with your friends and family. Some fundraiser ideas include a bake sale or a small dinner party. These small gestures can be a huge inspiration on your community and their quest to join you in defending our local nature and building healthy community! Not sure what to do? We will help you think of something!

How it works: 

  1. CLICK HERE – Share your idea for a fundraiser with us. 

  2. We will create a fundraising page for you to share with your friends and family and track your fundraising results. We can include your story and pictures. 

  3. Celebrate your successes, knowing you have taken the initiative to defend endangered wild species in the region.

Check out some of the motivated individuals in our community who are raising funds for wildlife this year:

The Fairy Flurries

April Lavine and Amelie Drewitz launched a new children’s book this year called the Fairy Flurries. “The Fairy Flurries is a children’s book that highlights the importance of protecting old-growth forests. As Neighbours United helps educate people on old-growth forests and the impacts of logging, we wanted to include a donation section in our book to support the ongoing efforts.”  

Urban Systems 

Helene worked with her employer who offers matching donations from staff, and rallied her colleagues to participate in a polar dip last month. Each employee found several friends to sponsor them to raise money for Neighbours United. The process was fun and rewarding. The fundraising page on their website enabled us to share the purpose of our fundraising event (incl. photos) with colleagues, friends, and family across the continent. The fundraising page was also an easy way for friends and family far and wide to contribute to our fundraiser.” 

Running competitions

“One could say I like to run and run a lot. As a born and raised Nelson local, I remember in high school studying and tracking the Caribou in Stagleap Provincial Park, this population has recently perished. The number of issues we face can often feel insurmountable, and I do believe that every action we take to preserve and protect the environment creates momentum towards further progress. 

With all of this! I’d like to go on a “run” in the name of Neighbours United. Why not on my 30th birthday, and go for the Everest Challenge? April 8th I’ll be running 9000 m to fundraise for environmental action! Please donate to motivate me! And for the cause of course;) 

Photo by Nick Waggoner