Joanne Siderius examines an old growth cedar tree on the 100 Acre Wood trail near Rossland. Photo by Colin Payne,

We take a lot of pride in our natural spaces

From coast to coast to coast, Canada has some of the world’s most incredible natural spaces.

Canadians overwhelmingly want more protection for natural areas and the incredible abundance of life they support. People across this country are ready to work together to support protecting our most valuable places. 

Our federal government’s commitment to protecting 17% of land and freshwater by 2020 on the way to 25% of land and oceans protected by 2025 and 30% by 2030 is worthy of celebration! 

Canada has so far protected 12% of land and 10% of oceans. It’s a good start. Even more can be done, and you can help. Science shows that we’ll need to protect much more to restore and sustain healthy natural areas. 

Today, we’re asking Canadians to help keep us moving forward on this path. We need your help in encouraging our leaders to achieve the ambitious targets they have set for protected areas.

We need to make room for nature in our old growth forests 

Old growth forests support people, communities, jobs, plants and animals.

These forests are a critical reservoir for carbon and nutrients. They are an important part of avoiding the worst consequences of the climate crisis. 

BC’s current forest policy and regulations are insufficient to maintain healthy, sustainable forested ecosystems, particularly in the face of climate change and the need to manage for ecosystem resilience.

In the West Kootenay, only 17.5% of forests within Old Growth Management Areas are actually old, while some of the best remaining pockets of old forest are not protected and continue to be logged.

The amount of protected old forest is a fraction of the area legally required for old growth protection. We need a moratorium on logging old growth forests now!

You can help by signing our petition and letting the BC government know it needs to do more to protect old growth forests. 

We need to make room for nature throughout the West Kootenays

Old growth forests, community watersheds and endangered caribou habitat are at risk in many places, and their campaigns need your support as well. Places such as:

Sign our petition and join our mailing list to find out how you can help #MakeRoomForNature right here in the West Kootenays.

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