The results are in. Neighbours United has responses from your candidates on the climate change, conservation and food sustainability issues that matter most to you.

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Please note responses received after the survey response deadline might not be included. Neighbours United will update as possible.

Methodology: The team at Neighbours United sent the survey to all candidates with emails listed on Local Elections. We made efforts to get alternate email addresses if we got bounce-back messages from the addresses listed and called candidates to get valid emails if they were missing. Neighbours United attempted to reach candidates that did not have a listed phone number or email through social media pages and websites. Neighbours United sent a reminder to all candidates to encourage them to complete the survey before the results were published if they had not responded. Candidates who did not complete the survey have no responses recorded in the results. Neighbours United did not send acclaimed candidates the survey.

Neighbours United has copied and pasted answers as they were written by the candidates. Neighbours United gave these directions on all questions:

Additional comment section with character limit: 50 words max. If there are more than 50 words, Neighbours United will only publish the first 50 words.

If you are a candidate and we have incorrect information on your form (i.e. incorrectly spelt your name, incorrectly identified the position you are running for, you have pulled out of the election and wish that to be indicated on the website) or if you didn’t receive a survey and would like to participate please send us a note (


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