CandidateOffice If elected, will you support a transition for 100% renewable energy across community energy use no later than 2050? 


If elected, will you defend local drinking water sources on land at-risk of development? If elected, will you support the recent resolution endorsed by the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ to implement a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs? If elected, will you support local food security initiatives and strategies that will help make the community and region more food secure and resilient? 
Mark DohertyMayorI can’t support it it until the infrastructure is in place to support it and it cost is affordable for everyone.YesI can’t support it until I know how they plan to do it.Yes
Doug McCutcheonMayorYesYesI need to know the impact on personal taxes particularly for low-income people before committing to this.Yes
Denis BabinCouncillor
Anora KobzaCouncillor
Calvin William Lake (Bill Lake)Councillor
Cody McKersieCouncillor
Jennifer NobleCouncillor
Patricia ReedCouncillor
Justin StanburyCouncillor

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below the questions.