CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you continue to support your community’s commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable energy across community energy use no later than 2050 by adopting a transition plan and focusing on implementation?  If elected, will you defend local drinking water sources on land at-risk of development? If elected, will you support the recent resolution endorsed by the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ to implement a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs? If elected, will you support local food security initiatives and strategies that will help make the community and region more food secure and resilient? 
Arnold F DeBoonMayorYesYesYesYes
Nora MaddocksMayor
James (Jim) RotaMayor
Monique AresCouncillorYesYesI do support this idea but I will need to do further research to know if I support this particular resolutionYes
Keith BaldwinCouncillor
Gregory (Greg) BanburyCouncillor
Amber BartlettCouncillor
Denise DumasCouncillor
Norm Eisler Councillor
James (Jim) ElfordCouncillor
Richard HowesCouncillorIt would have to be fiscally and strategically feasible.YesIt would have to be fiscally and strategically feasible.Yes
Elizabeth IrelandCouncillor
Scott IrwinCouncillorI would like to support this initiative, however not to the extent that it is lowering the quality of life of Creston by pulling tax dollars away from more pertinent issues. It is a great goal but must be approached with caution and patienceYesI think a basic income for everyone could have a negative impact on how are tax dollars are used if everyone decides they want in on it, I may support this as long as there are requirements that the people on the program are absolutely unable to work and contribute to society in that way.Yes! I think food banks or other food security initiatives, even tax breaks for agriculture could be a good way to help the people have more food secuity.
Anthony MondiaCouncillorYesYesWhile I’m in favour of exploring universal basic income, I do not know if guaranteed is the stepping stoneYes
Adrina SnashallCouncillor
Ursula WaslovichCouncillor

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below the questions.