CandidateOffice If elected, will you support a transition for 100% renewable energy across community energy use no later than 2050? 


If elected, will you defend local drinking water sources on land at-risk of development? If elected, will you support the recent resolution endorsed by the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ to implement a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs? If elected, will you support local food security initiatives and strategies that will help make the community and region more food secure and resilient? 
Stephen Fairbairn (Steve Fairbairn)MayorOf course I support the goal of a transition to 100% use of renewable energy for the District of Elkford by 2050. 27 years is a lot of time for technology and choices to develop in this area.YesThere is not enough information to allow me commit to an affirmative answer to this question.Given the real limits to agriculture in the Elk Valley, yes I support this concept and I support our local farmers.
Amanda Lee McGregor (Mandy McGregor)MayorI would want to verify feasibility before making any commitmentYesnot without a lot more information, as in how would this be paid for?again, not without reviewing all information
Shawna BryantCouncillorI would like to gather more data before making a guaranteeYesYesYes
Leonard Gostick (Len Gostick)CouncillorNoYesNoYes
Tathlina LovlinCouncillor
Duncan McDonaldCouncillor
Gerald McGinnis (Paul McGinnis)Councillor
Jason D MeldrumCouncillor
Esaias Schalekamp (Bert Schalekamp)Councillor

Candidates that did not complete the survey have blank boxes below the questions.