CandidateOfficeIf elected, will you continue to support your community’s commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable energy across community energy use no later than 2050 by adopting a transition plan and focusing on implementation?  If elected, will you defend local drinking water sources on land at-risk of development? If elected, will you support the recent resolution endorsed by the Union of B.C. Municipalities’ to implement a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs? If elected, will you support local food security initiatives and strategies that will help make the community and region more food secure and resilient? 
John N BufferyMayor
John A DooleyMayor
Janice MorrisonMayor
Thomas Prior (Tom Prior)MayorYesYesYesYes
Mike ZeabinMayor
Ainsleah R HastingsCouncillorYesYesYesYes
Rik J Logtenberg (Richard)CouncillorYesYesYesYes
Keith D Page CouncillorI have been consistently engaged with the 100% renewables plan and the challenges we face tackling that work. I am committed to continuing to develop our local and regional capacity to execute on it.Defence starts with planning and knowledge. I support the pursuit of indepth watershed mapping and planning and integrating that with our long term land use and zoning.Potentially but this is outside the scope of Local Government and I think as an employer and institution that uses extensive contractor labour we have direct work we need to do within our procrument and recruitment to ensure we are raising the bar on labour standards beyond the minimums.Absolutely. We need to expand our local food production and shorten our supply chains.
Leslie K PayneCouncillorYesYesI would support many different measures “ensuring everyone has sufficient income to meet their needs, which would go a long way to towards eradicating poverty and homelessness, alleviating the pressure on municipalities to use their limited resources to fill gaps in our failing social net.” and I would rather see Yes
Jessie N PineiroCouncillor
Glenn G Sutherland (John)Councillor
Kate TaitCouncillorYes. According to https://westkootenay most of Nelson’s non-renewable energy use comes from passenger vehicles. In order to transition to electric vehicles we will need to consider electrical infrastructure including output from our local electrical generating systems. Taking care of our electrical utility means looking to the future potential usage and ensuring we are ready.Yes. For me, the report from January 2021, AGENDA%20RFD%20Water% 20Source%20Protection%20Plan.pdf?handle=41BF8293974B4B7E884438          DC19E54D59 is the starting point ot leanr about what has been done, what plannign is in place, and what we can carry on doing on the next council to continue to protect drinking water sources for Nelson residents.There have been several well-documented trials with Livable Basic Income world wide, including one in Manitoba and one in Ontario. I am particularly interested in the work by Nobel prize economist, David Card, whose non-partisan research through natural experiments helped to reveal the effects of raising minimum wageYes.  Food security is mentioned in Aspiration Three of the Nelson Next plan. The Nelson Farmers Market, Food Security Ambassador and Food Security Resource webpage are initiatives already underway that I will continue to support.
Kyle WilkinsonCouncillor
Brenton RabyCouncillorNelson Hydro already provides the greenest power possible: water over a turbine. I will not at this point commit to any City prohibition that limits the choices of consumers, especially the poor.I support maintaining the integrity of Nelson’s water source and increasing storage capacity.The resolution was controversial. I would not have supported it if left to my personal choice. The resolution had too many assumptions and possible not intended consequences.I do not support the City of Nelson owning and operating the market as a for profit business claiming revenue for it’s operations. A private or not for profit needs to step up and create and actual farmer’s market that can have an impact(agriculture) on food supply.
Jesse R WoodwardCouncillorYesYesYesYes

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