We’re coming to Creston on Monday, May 6th at 6pm in the downstairs of Casey’s Community House to host an evening workshop on the transition to 100% renewable energy for cleaner energy, stronger jobs, and healthier and safer communities,

The Village of New Denver and the City of Rossland have joined the Village of Slocan, the City of Nelson, and the Regional District of Central Kootenay and made the commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050 in electricity, heating and cooling, transportation and waste management across their communities. These five Kootenay local governments join seven other communities across Canada committed to a safer future, including: Vancouver, Victoria, and Saanich in BC, Regina, SK, Oxford County and Guelph in Ontario, and Charlottetown, PEI. Over a hundred cities in the US and hundreds more worldwide have said yes to 100% renewable energy.

Will Creston be next?

The threats of wildfires and flooding are real. People want to make sure they are working towards a healthier and safer future. Already over 9,000 people and 70 local businesses have signed on to the clean energy transition. Fifty percent of Canada’s carbon pollution falls under the policy purview of municipalities. Local governments can be leaders on the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency and make a big difference.

The race to the top is on and we’re looking forward to hearing the ideas from Creston residents on the made-in-Creston solutions for phasing-in 100% renewable energy. When lots of people come together, we’ve seen the needed collaboration to support elected leaders to be champions.

Join your friends and neighbours to find out how you can make a difference and support the renewable energy transition from your home in Creston. We’ll share progress to-date and help volunteers get involved to build support for the clean energy transition today. You are welcome to stay after the presentation for further conversation over a snack or drink at Casey’s.