The EcoSociety has launched our 100% Renewable Kootenays Supporters Network.

100% Renewable Kootenays is the initiative to transition to 100% renewable energy in each West Kootenay town no later than 2050, for green jobs and to do our fair share to avoid the worst climate impacts, like forest fires and landslides, in our area.

Our Renewable Kootenays Supporters Network is open to all businesses, organizations and institutions that support the transition to 100% renewable energy in their community by mid-century.

Check out who’s joined so far: The West Kootenay Labour Council, several faith groups, including the Nelson United and Anglican churches, and Cover Architecture.

Together we make a difference. Groups have also donated between $200 to $500 make sure we create enough community support that cities will be able to commit to transiting to 100% renewable energy. .

We are aiming to get 60 businesses and organizations across the West Kootenays signed-on during 2017. We’ll keep you updated on the growing businesses and organizations that support the local transition to energy efficiency and 100% renewable energy.

Sign-on today with your business or organization to support renewable energy and green jobs.

If you don’t have a business or organization, you can still add your name and donate to the call for a clean energy future in the Kootenays.