By Montana Burgess

I moved to the Kootenays for the lush forests and fertile land. I feel truly alive when I breath the clean air and swim in the fresh water. I love digging through the dirt in my garden, turning in my compost and planting last year’s carrot and marigold seeds. And I would love to spend all my time working in my garden, taking in the mountain beauty around me. But I can’t. Something too important is happening for me to stay in my garden. I want to join with you and be leaders for big, bold and beautiful change.

Imagine your home powered by clean energy. Your post office, grocery store, hospital and credit union are heated with renewable energy.  Your trip to visit to your friend in the community just down the valley is easy and accessible on electric public transit. Imagine 20,000 local green jobs that retrofit homes and businesses and save us energy and money.

Canada joined the world in pledging to limit global warming and avoid the worst of the devastating climate impacts, like floods and drought. We need to phase-out our use of polluting fossil fuels before mid-century and transition to 100% renewable energy. But the provincial and national governments are struggling to make this change real.

Political leaders now face a choice: they can either put policies in place to make this shift happen, or they can spend the rest of their careers dealing with climate disaster after climate disaster. We know our local decision-makers love our communities and want the future we can imagine. They can be champions. You can help them make the right choice.

We have a historic opportunity to secure a clean, just and safe future from our home, right here, in the Kootenays. Join me and all your friends across the West Kootenays on June 18. This is the start of our future powered by clean energy: 100% Renewable Kootenays.

Saturday, June 18
At the Nelson Legion Hall

PS- Carpooling is great! If you live outside of Nelson, like so many of our supporters, offer a ride if you are driving or ask for a ride to 100% Renewable Kootenays launch party through EcoSociety’s Kootenay Rideshare website.

When posting the ride, in the box for your name, write your name and “100% Renewable Kootenays” so Rideshare friends can search for you and you can find them on the site most easily.