Wynndel Electric Ltd. is so committed to bringing you renewable energy that they’re donating two 8-hour days of labour from an electrician and an apprentice as part of our Solar Raffle Grand Prize!

Read the Q & A below to find out why Wynndel Electric Ltd. has joined over 40 West Kootenay businesses and organizations in supporting 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Q. Why do you want your business or organization to sign on to support 100% renewable energy?
A. By reducing our consumption and generating renewable electricity we will limit our impact on our environment while creating jobs and opportunities for generations to come.

Q. What are you already doing or planning on doing to make your business or organization more energy efficient and/or transition to renewable energy?
A. Wynndel Electric Ltd has developed a mobile solar powered trailer that provides electricity to community events and organizations while educating the public. Through out 2017 we provided electricity for the Creston Valley Farmers Market and the West Eco Society’s 2017 Renewable Energy Conference.

Q. What kind of personal legacy do you want to leave behind in your community through your business or organization?
A. We will leave a legacy that has provided education, lower energy consumption while producing alternative energy, job creation and training for local residents and a diverse and stable environment.

You can show your support for renewable energy by visiting Wynndel Electric