Collabo is a model for how to make a big impact online while reducing their environmental impact.

Check out the Q & A below to find out why Collabo has joined over 40 West Kootenay businesses and organizations in supporting the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Q. Why do you want your business or organization to sign on to support 100% renewable energy?
A. We only have one world and a healthy, sustainable environment is the only way to ensure success for future generations.

Q. What are you already doing or planning on doing to make your business or organization more energy efficient and/or transition to renewable energy?
A. We avoid printing at all costs, use green web hosting solutions and telecommute to work to reduce our impact. By always remaining eco-conscious, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption through mindfulness (like always turning off computers and lights when leaving) and by performing an energy audit on our building and implementing small, but meaningful upgrades. We also encourage employees to dress appropriately for the weather, so we can keep heating and cooling costs to a minimum. We will continue to plant a trees around the office every year and hope to install a small solar or micro-hydro project in the future to offset our carbon footprint even further.

Q. What kind of personal legacy do you want to leave behind in your community through your business or organization?
A. We wish to help others achieve their business goals and gain independence, while remembering to put their community and the environment first.

You can show your support for 100% renewable energy by visiting Collabo.