On Monday night, after the EcoSociety presented to council the 100% Renewable Kootenays initiative, The Village of Slocan made the decision to commit to transition entirely to renewable energy by 2050.

This makes Slocan Canada’s 5th renewable municipality, following in the footsteps of Vancouver and Victoria (who already have transition commitments) to become a green energy leader!

The next question is, will Nelson become Canada’s 6th renewable municipality?

On Monday, November 20th, The EcoSociety presented the 100% Renewable Kootenays initiative to Nelson City Council at the Committee of the whole meeting.

To make the biggest impact possible at the meeting, we called on our members to be present at the meeting. This resulted in so many supporters arriving that not everyone could fit in the room. The Nelson Star even noted that there was an unusually large number of supporters in the room.

The result of the meeting was that the decision was deferred to the City of Nelson staff for consideration. It is unknown at this point if the motion will be put to a vote on either Monday, December 4th, or in the new year.

If you’d like to contribute to making this goal a reality here’s what you can do:

1) We want the whole of the Nelson community to know about the initiative and the presentation to council so we want to put a full page colour advertisement in the paper. This has a cost of $1200 so we need your help – please donate so we can reach that goal and make sure everyone in Nelson knows about the 100% renewable Kootenays initiative!


2) Please sign the petition if you haven’t already and share with family, friends and co-workers to do the same. So far, 20% (2,100) of the residents of the City of Nelson have signed the petition. We want a third, or another 1,452 signatures by Dec 3rd, to meet our targets before the vote. Let’s up that number! You can sign the petition here.

This is an exciting time for the campaign. The first Kootenay community has already committed – The Village of Slocan, and we hope that by the end of 2017, Nelson will be the 2nd and you can help us make that happen!

Sign, share, and donate – so many ways that you can support!