Ever since I moved to the Kootenays in mid-90’s, I’ve been aware of the EcoSociety’s work and have admired what this organization has accomplished.

I knew Suzy Hamilton and was a great supporter of the issues with which the EcoSociety has been involved. While I was busy in my own work life, with many issues paralleling the issues that concerned the EcoSociety, it wasn’t until the last 10 years that I’ve become more involved with the EcoSociety generally and the last 5 more specifically. As the minister of Nelson United Church, I’ve long been concerned about the environment, global warming, community development and accessibility, and poverty. And so, when the EcoSociety in the person of Montana Burgess approached a number of faith leaders, I jumped at the chance to become more involved. This represented the beginning of the Nelson Interfaith Climate Change Collaborative.

The group met initially to facilitate a discussion of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudoto Si, and have continued to meet monthly but also to hold monthly vigils to pray and advocate for climate justice. We held a daily vigil during the Paris Climate talks and finished with a walking vigil around Nelson. We’ve held discussion and information sessions, celebrated 2 Earth Days, the last one by way of a wonderful parade, and we’ve written letters to the editor and become part of the Carbon-Free Nelson movement initiated by the EcoSociety. As part of the Interfaith Collaborative, I’ve deeply appreciated the EcoSociety’s willingness to organize and facilitate our work.

Essentially, I’m involved in the EcoSociety’s work because I want to work with others in helping to protect the world in which we live, and to ensure that there is a just and liveable future for our children and all of life. If you are concerned about our community, about getting off fossil fuels, about having the Nelson region be more affordable for all people, and about protecting the wild places in which we live and are a part, then the EcoSociety is a place for you.

Join David and hundreds of others across the region as an EcoSociety member today.

As well as our other work, your membership will directly support the 100% Renewable Kootenays campaign. We want to build our resources so we can continue to build the momentum for a renewable energy transition across the region.