Introducing Lori Lawe; Lori lives in Rossland and is brand new to the EcoSociety Board!

“I completed a Masters Degree in Resource and Environmental Planning and worked for industry and Aboriginal band clients on broad level concerns facing the Oil Sands Region, among other projects.

There were so many people working on the “climate” issue that I thought “they” would make significant progress on the problem and didn’t choose to follow the academic conversation on this topic in detail. I was shocked when, 10 years later, I found that the conversation scientists were having with the public were largely the same conversations that had been occurring a decade previous. Only the technology had changed, with the availability and cost of solar panels, for example, amending the conversation positively.

So I joined the Sierra club and took some climate activism training and have been excited to work with the forward thinking team at WKES, within our forward thinking group of cities. I am excited about the interfaith climate vigils, as well, as throughout my career I have always been seeking authentic ways to integrate my Christian faith with ecological concerns. Together, with diverse worldviews working side by side is an exciting way to build a culture of hope and vision.

I’m looking forward to meeting and dialoguing with you as we journey together to be a positive light in Canada, hopefully inspiring other regions to quickly switch to renewable energy. I enjoy the Kootenay outdoors, and reside in Rossland with my husband, two wonderful kids and our activist dog (yes, he’s wearing a t-shirt too).”