How can we bring about the changes that we want to see in our community?

How can we move others to join us to achieve our goal?

Learning how to organize effectively is key to building power and there are various different ‘leadership skills’ that we can learn to get us there. We want to build leadership and organzing capacity in our community so that when we see something that we want to change, we are ready!

This is why we are committed to hosting workshops that will dig into what these ‘leadership skills’, how we can develop them and then, use them to bring about positive change.

If you’re interested in learning new skills and finding out more about what it takes for great leadership and campaigning, then come along to our Castlegar training on Tuesday July 24, 5PM – 7PM at the Castlegar and District Community Centre.

In this session, we will be talking strategy and tactics!

Please register here so we can expect you and keep you up to the date of any changes!