I’ve always loved nature. As a child, the thrill would come from the mysteries found under a log, building dens and running through the woods with my friends until we would collapse in an exhausted heap.

Now that I’m an adult, I seek out time to spend in nature for its calming and grounding effects, and perhaps to connect with the curious child in me.

When I started learning about the relationship between humans and the planet and how climate change is already here I started to look at myself differently.

I found that the problem with becoming more aware of climate change is that it forced me to look at my own lifestyle and notice all the ways in which I contribute towards this unintended crisis.

Like when I open a cupboard in my bathroom and see the countless half used plastic bottles of lotions and potions and see over-indulgence, pollution and waste. Or when I noticed that the food I was buying was actually grown on the other side of the planet.

With this realization came feelings of guilt. This guilt would hang over my head and follow me around. The unintended consequences of my actions, and our actions as a wider community, were glaringly obvious and scary. When I was living in London, I tried to cut down my carbon footprint and to get fit by cycling to work. To my horror the air pollution is so bad in central London that I might as well have been chain smoking. It became obvious that I couldn’t tackle this problem alone.

I started to seek out the optimists, the proactive and the organized. By this time, I had moved to Nelson and found the West Kootenay EcoSociety. The EcoSociety is so successful in bringing the community together to make positive changes and consistently proves that caring for the environment and building stronger communities go hand in hand.

Today I’m asking you to join me as a Member of the EcoSociety and take the next responsible step toward caring for our environment and each other better. We’re all neighbours after all.

I’m excited to be the new Community Organizer at the EcoSociety and it may seem silly to you that a staff member also pays a monthly membership donation, but I know that if I don’t step-up I can’t expect anyone else in my community to also protect our wild spaces by donating.

I’m looking forward to working with you,


PS- It’s the BC election next week! You are invited to join in our pre-election phone bank to encourage a huge voter turnout and help ensure that our shared values are represented at the polls. There’s never been a more important time to speak up for the environment in BC. Make your vote count even more by helping other voters get to the polls.

Click here if you want to help Get Out The Vote!