Wharfhouse Business Services Ltd. is clearly taking their responsibility to help this area flourish for generations into account! Read the Q & A below to find out why Wharfhouse Business Services Ltd. has joined over 30 businesses and organizations in supporting the West Kootenays to transition onto 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Q. Why did you sign on to support 100% renewable energy?
A. I believe future of our kids depend on having clean world, water, air.

Q. What are you already doing or planning on doing to make your business more energy efficient and/or transition to renewable energy?
A. We are moving to paperless office by 2020! And encourage our clients to do the same. And it is a big hurdle for an accounting office.

Also we support all green energy companies by providing a service of Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Application. This application allows companies in clean tech or new technology to access up to 40% in savings on their current expenses through Federal Government. We also support companies through helping in their process of acquiring the needed financing for their projects through Federal, Provincial or bank systems.

Q. What kind of personal legacy do you want to leave behind in your community?
A. Our company motto is “Our work is our service to humanity as a whole!” We believe in a higher power, love and integrity. By serving our clients and a community with God in.

You can show your support for 100% renewable energy by visiting Wharfhouse Business Services Ltd.