Premier Horgan announced the new B.C. climate plan, the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030. Although the language has been updated to include buzz words like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ this plan has left many gaps and unanswered questions, has few details on how we reach its goals, and is still handing out your tax dollars to industrial polluters.

Last year alone the BC government handed out over $1.3 billion of your taxpayer dollars to Big Oil & Gas companies. That is more than double the money that was set aside for the new CleanBC Roadmap to 2030! 

Will you sign our petition and let Premier Horgan know that any credible transition plan must include an end to fossil fuel subsidies with your taxpayer dollars?

Not all parts of this plan are bad, however. It includes a faster shift to electric vehicles, tighter methane regulations, and a gradual increase in the carbon tax. The catch? All of this was already mandated by the federal government. 

Despite this disappointing new roadmap for BC, there is hope. Recently nearly 250 unions, businesses, churches, Indigenous leaders, and community organizations, including us here at the West Kootenay EcoSociety, have come together to put out an urgent call and to create a real climate emergency plan that transitions us to 100% clean energy. 

A key part of a real transition plan is to end all fossil fuel subsidies by 2022 and ensure that the industries that profit from fossil fuel pollution pay their fair share. 

Together we can work to ensure that fossil fuel subsidies become a thing of the past as we transition to a 100% renewable energy economy creating a more fair, healthy, and safe place for all British Columbians.