By Diana van Eyk

Sustainability starts from the inside out. When working for a sustainable future, organizational sustainability is essential. We need to make sure the core team of the West Kootenay EcoSociety – our organization’s backbone – are relaxed and well looked after.

In this spirit, the EcoSociety is finding new ways to care for our team. How better than with a good massage?

With her portable massage chair and capable hands, Karen Logan, proprietor of ‘A Touch of Bliss’, has answered the call! Karen, a Certified Reiki & Chair Massage Practitioner, is helping us keep our people power sustainable.

When she’s not volunteering at the EcoSociety, Karen can be found offering Chair Massages in the basement of the Cafe Momento and for The Circuit for Women. She offers visits to the community and the workplace, and home visits for seniors. Karen gives her massages over clothing in a comfortable chair designed for the purpose of massage. Her massages help relieve pain, stress and tension, and can relax and revitalize with as little as 15 minutes. To make an appointment, call 250-505-4550 or visit her Facebook.

Thanks, Karen, for the relaxation you bring to our busy office!

If you have an idea to help our small, dedicated staff to stay sustainable, please contact our Wellness Coordinator, Diana van Eyk.

We at the EcoSociety are in it for the long haul and we need to take good care of our core team.