The Annual Hellman Canoe Raffle is back! For the 17th year, Bob Hellman of Hellman Canoes and Kayaks has donated a beautiful canoe, locally made by hand. The canoe weighs about 50 pounds, and is 16.5 feet in length. It is a great all-around canoe for choppy lake waters or light river canoeing. 

Raffle tickets are just $5 and can be purchased at the Nelson Downtown Local Market, Cottonwood Market, the Kokanee Visitor Centre, Market Fest, or the EcoSociety office at 206-507 Baker St. Only 1000 tickets have been printed. The draw will take place on Cottonwood Market on September 29. 

Know your limit, Play within it!


Length: 16′ 6″
Rocker: 1″
Cntr width: 36″

Boat Weight:

55 lbs.

Duralite with EcoPoxy


Bow: 20″
Center: 15″
Stern: 20″

The Kootenay is a versatile recreational boat. It has great load capacity for a 16′.5 canoe and moves quickly and efficiently. The flared ends help it to stay dry in the largest waves and moderate rapids.