The B.C. government recently announced an overhaul of the oil and gas royalty system and the cancellation of a handful of fossil fuel subsidies including, the province’s largest fossil fuel subsidy – the Deep Well Royalty Program. 

Your hard-working tax dollars are being used to compensate oil and gas companies when they drill deep wells. Oil and gas corporations are getting a free ride on the gravy train at your expense and the environment. A free ride that costs taxpayers billions of dollars. The current royalty rate is 3% and is set to rise to 5%. The increased rate will be used to support public services, including hospitals, and transportation.  Fracked gas in British Columbia is a major environmental threat. Fracked gas produces a fifth of B.C’s carbon pollution, carbon pollution that results in climate impacts such as wildfire and floods. 

This is a step in the right direction but stops short of canceling all fossil fuel subsidies. Will you sign your name in support of our Stop Funding Fossil Fuels campaign and a transition to 100% renewable energy?  Supporting a transition to 100% renewable energy means an overall cleaner environment for generations to come and your hard-earned tax dollars can be put towards supporting healthier and safer communities. Healthier and safer communities support their residents through active transportation, clean drinking water, and the transition of oil and gas workers into jobs in the clean energy sector.

We still have work to do to end all fossil fuel subsidies. Fossil fuel subsidies continue to distort supply and demand. Making fossil fuels appear to be cheaper than they are, they make other options, such as renewable energy, less attractive to investors and consumers. Please share the details of our Stop Funding Fossil Fuel campaign with your family and friends.  Some campaign details include the true cost of fossil fuels – which is trillions of dollars each year, and funding fossil fuels aids in the increase of extreme climate events like floods, wildfires and air pollutants.  We can work together to demand the B.C. government stop using our hard-earned tax dollars to line the pockets of oil and gas CEOs!