The Union of BC Municipalities endorsed a motion at their September annual meeting in Whistler to regulate how logging is done on private land. UBCM and our local governments must now tell the BC Provincial Government to change the way logging is done on private lands to at least meet current public land forest land use standards.

The motion that was endorsed was:

Whereas many areas of rural BC have significant holdings of forested private land which are not constrained by the requirement to plan for impacts of forest harvesting including those related to terrain, hydrological and slope stability;

And whereas these forested private land holdings, if harvested, may affect municipal infrastructure, crown land, adjacent private property, and water sources:

Therefore be it resolved that the Ministry of Forest Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development develop and implement tree removal regulations for the planning and harvesting of trees on forested private land where there is a harvesting of an area greater than 4 hectares in order to protect the adjacent property, infrastructure or natural resources from incremental damage caused due to the large scale harvesting of trees.

Not presented to the Association of Kootenay & Boundary Local Governments UBCM

Resolutions Committee recommendation: Endorse

UBCM Resolutions Committee comments: The Resolutions Committee notes that the UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions asking the Province to regulate private land logging in the same manner as crown land and to ensure that local governments are consulted in advance of harvesting to prevent damage to watersheds and other infrastructure (2011-B50, 2010- B26, 2009-B41, 2008-B34, 2006-B102, 2005-B27, 1997-B61, 1994- B82, 1991-B16).

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