Together, we can level the playing field for children in need.

It’s that time of year when children are getting geared up to meet their new teachers and classmates, make new friends, and begin learning the new year’s curriculum. Parents are making sure their children are equipped to take on the new school year by buying new clothes, school supplies, lunch, and healthy snacks. For many parents, sacrifices have to be made between brands versus generic foods and even bills versus food. 

The Farms to Friends Back to School fundraiser begins today and was created to provide families in need with weekly bags of fresh, local produce.  A donation of $55 will provide a family with a bag of fresh produce and goes a long way for a family in need. Children need adequate nutrition to ensure they are able and ready to concentrate on their lessons and homework. Having adequate nutrition is the first step in developing a child’s cognitive abilities 

Will you contribute to the academic success of the 69 children in the Farm to Friends program? With a donation of $55 dollars, you can provide a family in need with a sense of relief and contribute to a nutritious foundation for academic success.

We appreciate your commitment, philanthropic leadership, and investment in our Farms to Friends program. Farms to Friends needs your continuous  support to offer nutritious foods to children in need,

For all that you do, we THANK YOU!