It’s election time and the big election day is October 21!

It’s that time when you vote for the candidate in your riding to become your Member of Parliament.

You can check out the Elections Canada website to learn all about who is running in your riding, and then explore more about what they stand for and their track record on the issues you care most about. But you’ll have to Google that part and do your research.

All you need to know is your postal code to navigate the Election Canada website and learn where and when to vote, what ID to bring, how accessible your polling station is, and more.

Team EcoSociety is organizing dozens of volunteers across the region to help get out the vote. Sign up right now and volunteer today to help other people like you figure how when and how to vote. It’s easy, it’s fun, it double your impact, and it’s a great way to make new friends.

Last federal election in 2015 the 100 person EcoSociety volunteer team talked to 10,000 people. We helped hundreds of these people figure out where, when, and how to vote. We made a difference in getting the vote out of people who share our collective values, and you can sign up right now to volunteer today and make a difference too. 

Bonus: You’re invited to the most fun non-partisan party in town! Come join us at the Adventure Hotel Lounge room in Nelson tonight at 6pm.

Be a voter and have your say.