As we step into the vibrant season of spring in 2024, I’m thrilled to update you on the exciting developments at the Coquitlam Affordable and Electric Homes Campaign.

Since January, our Mandarin and English bilingual canvassing team has been instrumental in fostering meaningful conversations with our neighbours. Immigrants represent over 40% of Coquitlam’s Population, with the majority of them from China. Being able to communicate in multiple languages has really opened new doors for connection and further understanding within the community. 

In our commitment to transitioning to affordable all-electric homes, we are expanding our team by hiring additional canvassers. Significantly expanding our capacity will enable us to engage in more conversations and raise awareness about the benefits of all-electric homes within our pressing timeframe. This is crucial as we advocate for the Coquitlam City Council to consider this policy in July 2024.

The Zero Carbon Step Code underscores our dedication to energy efficiency and affordability, following the lead of cities like Burnaby, New Westminster, and Nanaimo. We invite you to become an ambassador for the Step Code – share the petition, amplifying our impact and ensuring secure, sustainable homes for all.