Ben Glickman of Bitcoin Central is a sponsors of our Farms to Friends program. The Farms to Friends program has provided fresh, locally-grown produce weekly to children, families, seniors, and single parents in need. We’ve provided over 200 people across the region access to healthy, fresh food weekly and have invested over $200,000 into the local economy through local farmers and food supporters. This was made possible with the support of volunteers, members, and sponsors, like Ben.

Ben was captured here in Los Angelos (Photo courtesy of Ben Glickman)

Ben’s story

Ben is a devoted sponsor of Farms to Friends. Ben comes from humble beginnings and knows the significance of programs like Farms to Friends.

“I grew up financially insecure, on a subsistence farm on a dirt road in central Maine. What my parents could not grow, they bought with food stamps. While as a child I envied my classmates’ boxed lunches with baloney and jello, I realize now as an adult how the nutritious, balanced meals provided by our family farm were a central element in helping both my sister and I avoid the financial poverty of our youth.

The nutrition and sustenance provided was only a part of the benefit – many life lessons were learned by the birth, care of and eventual harvest of farm animals, as well as the work ethic instilled by taking part in growing one’s own food. This is part of the reason, why I was incredibly excited to support the Farms to Friends program when I moved to Nelson – this program provided an opportunity to support both small local farms as well as families in need of nutritious food. I think the reach of this program extends far beyond just helping farmers and families – it also allows donors such as myself to contribute to the local economy and also support healthy farming practices. I sincerely hope this program is continued so I can continue to support it.”

Ben (as a child) and his father making maple syrup over a wood fire (Photo courtesy of Ben Glickman)

Recently, we’ve paused the program, with hopes to reconfigure and restart in 2023. With continuous support from volunteers, members, and sponsors like Ben, we will be able to #BringbackFarmstoFriends stronger than ever and continue to:

  • provide fresh bags of food week-by-week,
  • provide children in the program with healthy food to fuel cognitive development and academic success,
  • provide a small sense of relief to households in need,
  • and strengthen food security across the region for those that need it the most.

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