The forest industry has supported our family and friends and provided a good quality of life for many of us and B.C. But the way we have been managing our forests is not working.

Only 3% of the big-old growth trees we love are still here, and putting timber values above all else is still common practice, putting the people and places we love at risk.

But the province of British Columbia is considering a new and bold law that would change the way we manager our natural resources for the better.

It’s called the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law and over the past month, volunteers have been going door to door hearing from people who want their local government representatives to support this law today.

This letter was handwritten by a concerned neighbour in Castlegar who is demanding a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law from MLA Katrine Conroy because she cares about her kids growing up in a fair province.

This is a common theme among many of our neighbours, both in Castlegar and in Vernon. They are concerned about the places and people that are impacted by the way forests are currently managed in B.C. Over 1 in 3 people agree that there needs to be a change, and that a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law could provide a balance between healthy forests and good jobs in the province. And until a law is developed, we need action now. 

Our neighbours are adding their name to our petition and taking the next step of writing a letter to their MLA to prioritize biodiversity and ecosystem health now. Will you join them and write a letter too? If enough of us write letters in the communities we live in that depend on the forest industry like Castlegar and Vernon, our local MLAs will see the need for a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law. 

It only takes a few minutes and we have all the tools to help you craft the right language. Join your neighbours and have your say.