Changing our Small Towns One Solar Panel at a Time


Connie Larochelle and her husband moved to Trail from Victoria at the pandemic’s onset to be near their daughter, a nurse at the local hospital. They purchased what Connie calls “A really old house that had no upgrades.” Since then, the family has completely renovated the house to be home for Connie, her husband and their daughter. They put on a new roof, gutters, siding, windows, doors, deck, fences, amongst other improvements. Most excitingly, the family put in solar panels.

Connie has supported environmental protection efforts for decades so getting solar panels made sense for her.

“I was like, you what, let’s just do it.”

There were indeed challenges in renovating during Covid, such as supply issues and staffing shortages. But Connie doesn’t regret going the extra mile to capture energy in solar panels. She hopes more of her neighbours in Trail will do the same thing and that there might be more support at a municipal level to support people with smaller budgets to do the same.