Discussions about Guaranteed Livable Income initiatives have been all over the news lately. I’m sure you have scrolled by posts on your social media feeds and glanced at the comments in the threads. But you might be wondering, “how could this possibly be good for our economy, and how does this stop the climate crisis?”

I can assure you that it is all related. Not only could a livable income initiative speed up Canada’s economic recovery, but guaranteeing that every household is making a guaranteed living wage could help protect every Canadian from the worst effects of climate change.

Climate change is a threat multiplier; it exposes existing vulnerabilities, making them worse, especially for those already living in the most vulnerable conditions. When people don’t have their basic needs met, it is almost impossible for them to think about how they can get involved with climate action. When families can’t afford healthy, nutritious food or adequate housing, how are they supposed to think about protecting themselves and their communities from climate change impacts next month or year?

We have seen this in our own backyards. As we are in the midst of extreme weather events and threats of the pandemic, not everyone has been equally protected from harm. During the heatwave this summer, over 600 sudden deaths exposed major cracks in our system. Last week, thousands of BC residents were evacuated from their homes due to catastrophic flooding that completely wiped out highways and roads. The farmers who feed us are losing their entire livelihoods in the blink of an eye, while the whole west coast is now cut off from the rest of the country. How can we be better prepared for the worst effects of climate change? I think it starts with making sure everyone has their basic needs met.

We can do better. Now is the time to restructure our economies. Ensuring everyone has their basic needs met is an investment in our communities, neighbours, and future generations. Sign our petition today and let your government know that you want everyone to be making a guaranteed livable wage!